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:( Not even a day after Fina had passed away Carolina also died… which means that poor Isla now lives all alone in their big house :(

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silivrinHello and welcome to my little simblr! I'm on a semi hiatus on the moment (I'm currently working on my final paper for University) and don't have as much time for my beloved sims as I would like to have.
I'm happy to answer asks and WCIF, so don't be shy and ask me if you want to know something :)


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Feel free to retexture my meshes to your hearts content, include them in your uploads etc. Basically have fun with them! All I ask is that you credit and please keep them away from paysites! Most of the textures and half of my meshes were not made by me, so please credit the original creators instead if you plan to use some of them! To make things short: credit where credit is due and no paysites!
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