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I’m so glad you finished these! Thank you!

Yay, I’m glad you like them, even though it took me ages to finish them ^^

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Finally! I feel like this one took me ages to finish but here it is! The default replacement for umbodyshortapron, umbodyapron_clerk and umbodyapron_fastfood.
The textures of the apron are not the best but I seriously had no more patience for this replacement, I did however try to match the apron and shirt of the clerk and fastfood replacement to the female ones! ^^

Comes in both Default and Custom (I was too lazy to make extra pics for the Custom ones so the pics in the custom folder are the same as above) and has a working fat morph.


(ugh, almost forgot, it suffers from the same glitch as the female one, again maxis fault not mine…)

Edit: helpful me being helpful —> the link to the female version

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THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Thank you for these! May I ask if the male version is in the works as well by any chance?

Thank you! ^^
I plan to do one, yes but the thing is I do not know how long it is going to take me! At the moment I’m trying to find a nice pair of trousers/shoes that somewhat fit to the flats I’ve used for the females. So I would say I’m working on them but it might take a while for me to finish them…

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pistxl-sims asked: Heya! I was wondering where I might find the outfit on the toddler here: /post/75576211007/look-who-finally-got-a-birthday-right-again-me ? It's so cute! :3

It’s an BG edit by Amaryll and can be founde here on GOS. ^^

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Finally here they are! ^^
As some of you might remember I showed a WIP of this uh… about a month ago? Long story short real life happend (you know living abroad, trips to other parts of the country, having to work etc.) but today I finally found the time to default them and make previews ^^

So what do you get? Defaults for ufbodyapron-clerk and ufbodyapron-fastfood, as well as ufbodyshortapron. (Be warned, they are defaulted the multi group way so if you have hiders or recategorizers, or anything else that has changed the property set for this outfit, take them out or the default will not work, I repeat the default will not work and you will have a borked outfit!!!)

Because I know some people prefer custom version to defaults you get a custom version too! (Well yes, I’m bored today and I have a feeling I might get sick again so no concentration to do anything else I fear… plus I’m rambling, again sorry…)

Also there is a slight glitch when sims are walking (totally not my fault, Maxis borked it, here have proof: THE GLITCH as seen on original maxis mesh), but it’s beyond my ability to fix at the moment, sorry about that!

Onwards to the downloads I say! ^^


Edit: Ups, forgot to say custom like default comes for TF to EF and has a working fat morph.

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*jealous* Good luck with everything, I hope you can enjoy as much as you can from that beautiful country! :)

Thanks ^^ I’m having a great time over here ever since I arrived in October… even though some of the Year 7 and 8 students are quite a handful, oh well it only reminded me again that I prefer to teach “Oberstufenschüler” ;)

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Hello dear followers!

I just wanted to let you know that I’m on a Semi-Hiatus from now on. As some of you might remember I’m abroad at the moment… in the UK working as a foreing language assistant for German in a grammar school. That alone takes up a lot of my free time. I also have to finish my diploma thesis (because I finally want to be finished with University) and I haven’t really done anything for it in the last three weeks :s
Plus being in a foreign country I want to see as much of it as possible, which means weekend trips to surrounding towns/cities and longer trips in school holidays (which takes away simming time).

I don’t really want to go on full hiatus again, because I would miss my game and creating too much but I can’t promise any regular updates for my main hood or any default replacements etc. at the moment. So semi-hiatus it is. I’m going to post pics of my game whenever I play and as soon as I’ve finished a default replacement and find the time to make screenshots I will upload it for you guys. ^^

uh I never know how to end such things sooo….

Another burglary! Unfortunately the burglar managed to get away this time. The police officer was pretty down after he lost the fight…

but again… my Sims are just not bothered at all when a burgler shows up! oO

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tagged → #Eventide #sims2 #nizel
Glenn and Myra are still trying for another baby… still without luck :(

Glenn and Myra are still trying for another baby… still without luck :(

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